Best Awards 2005
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Design Company For BeST

Strategy Advertising & Design is a Christchurch-based studio with a commitment to producing work of the highest international standards. Some of their recent work has featured within the BeST Awards, New York Type Directors Club, ADC, Step Inside Design, Graphis, AWARD, and the Clios. They have a wide range of both advertising and design clients and a creatively led philosophy.

BeST AWARDS campaign:

"We're after the cream" this year with the BeST Awards.

Be prepared for some sophisticated cats and a touch of regal purple in the run-up for the most prestigious design awards in New Zealand.

The tone for this year's BeST Awards campaign is lighter and a bit more frivolous than last year's, but still invokes the tone of respect and credibility that was highlighted in 2004. The idea of product design, interior design and graphic design have been combined visually within the hero photography. While keeping the core design elements, which were introduced in the revamp of the BeST Awards identity last year, this approach utilises the creative window to have a bit more fun within the over-riding framework of the Awards.